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How LITFULO works

Let's go under the skin and take a closer look at what alopecia areata is, and how LITFULO may work.

Watch LITFULO in action

LITFULO is a prescription medicine that works inside the body to block the immune system's attack on the hair follicle. To really see LITFULO in action, watch the video below.

Atopic dermatitis

LITFULO at a glance

Alopecia areata mechanism of disease. Illustration of immune cells swarming a hair follicle after mistakingly receiving signals to attack it.
  1. In alopecia areata, immune cells mistakenly receive signals to swarm and attack the hair follicle, leading to inflammation at the hair follicle and causing hair loss.
Illustration of proteins sending signals deep within an immune cell.
  1. Some of these signals are sent from proteins deep within the immune cells.
Litfulo ™ (ritlecitinib) mechanism of action. Illustration of LITFULO™ (ritlecitinib) binding to select proteins within an immune cell and blocking signals.
  1. LITFULO binds to select proteins within immune cells and blocks their signaling process …
Illustration of a decreased number of attacking immune cells around the hair follicle.
  1. ... to decrease the number of immune cells attacking the hair follicle.

For illustrative purposes. It's not currently known how blocking specific proteins can affect alopecia areata.

Learn out loud

LITFULO is not an injection, steroid, or ointment. It's an FDA-approved prescription pill that you take once a day.

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