Receiving Your Prescription From a
Specialty Pharmacy

What is a specialty pharmacy?

Each month, your LITFULO prescription will be filled by a specialty pharmacy. This kind of pharmacy fills select medications and can arrange delivery right to your door. Some specialty pharmacies even offer support services to help you on your journey to treatment.

Once prescribed LITFULO, here’s what to expect:

  1. Preparing the prescription
    Your dermatologist will gather necessary information and send your LITFULO prescription to Pfizer Dermatology Patient Access™ or a specialty pharmacy to be filled.
  2. Confirming insurance information
    Next, a Pfizer Dermatology Patient Access Support Representative or your specialty pharmacy will call to confirm coverage, potential savings, and any out-of-pocket costs. To avoid any delays, be on the lookout for this call, which may show up as an unknown number.
  3. Scheduling LITFULO delivery
    LITFULO can be conveniently delivered to your home through a specialty pharmacy. The first delivery can take up to a couple of weeks to process—be sure to follow up with your dermatologist’s office along the way.

For more details, download the Getting Started on Your Specialty Medication flashcard.