Man with severe alopecia areata after hair regrowth touching his hair

Man with severe alopecia areata after hair regrowth touching his hair

Capture your progress

See below for tips on how to best document your journey with LITFULO.

In just under 6 months, some people saw 80% or more scalp hair coverage. See study results. Individual results may vary.

Tips for taking picture-perfect progress photos

While taking LITFULO, be sure to take photos to track any changes you see over time. Share these photos with your dermatologist, so they can see the full picture of your progress. You may find that these photos are inspirational—a reminder of why you're on this journey.

Prior to starting treatment, take your "before" shot
Schedule a monthly reminder to take progress photos, or take them each time you receive a prescription refill
Pick a photo-friendly location (well-lit, clean background) and use it each time
Capture the same angles of your scalp every time, which include the front, back, sides, and top of your head
Clip or tie up longer hair to show new areas of growth
Take photos when your hair is completely dry, so you can clearly see regrowth
If you have longer hair, choose clothing and a background that doesn't blend in with your hair color
Save all your progress photos in a "favorites" album so you can find them easily

Talk to a dermatologist about LITFULO

Create a personalized discussion guide that captures your experience. This can help you prepare for your next conversation with a dermatologist.

Create your guide

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