Asking your dermatologist about LITFULO

Ready to talk to a dermatologist about alopecia areata and LITFULO? Let’s get started.

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Alopecia areata is often diagnosed by a dermatologist, a doctor who treats diseases of the hair and skin. Now, finding a dermatologist near you can be easier than ever.

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Making the most of your appointment

Talking to your dermatologist

Think about how alopecia areata has affected your life. To help, fill out the Doctor Discussion Guide and bring it to your appointment. If you have any specific questions, write them down.

Your hair history

Talk about any changes in your hair loss. This may include how much hair you’ve lost and where that hair loss occurred. If you've taken any photos over time, be sure to share those with your dermatologist, too.

Your treatment journey

Tell your dermatologist about any treatments that you use or have used for alopecia areata. This will help them understand your treatment history. If possible, take pictures of any medicine labels.

Virtual visits

Planning for a virtual appointment? Be sure to pick a quiet, well-lit place, and remember to try out your camera and microphone before your appointment!